Vienna Girardi Gets A Nose Job

“It has only been a few days since my surgery and I’m in a ton of pain but the excitement of seeing my new nose soon is keeping me in good spirits … I want my surgery to be looked at as positive reflection of how I feel. If it makes you feel better about yourself, then DO IT.”

Vienna Girardi talks about getting rhinoplasty on Twitter. Apparently, she let “Entertainment Tonight” film the entire surgery because, you know, she isn’t media hungry. Also, guess which plastic surgeon performed this work? Dr. Franklin Rose, the father of Erica Rose, Vienna’s good friend and a fellow former “Bachelor” contestant. Because if you can’t trust your friend’s plastic surgeon father to chip away at your beak, who can you trust?

After the jump, what Vienna’s boyfriend, “Bachelorette” guarder and protector of hearts Kasey Kahl, thought of his lady getting plastic surgery.

“I think you are beautiful either way!! Im very proud of you and glad I was here to take care of you. Love you cupcake”

Personally, I think Vienna’s long nose was one of the most distinctive and beautiful things about her. I worry that she may be pulling a Jennifer Grey here. But what do you think about her getting a nose job?

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