Bravo Announces “Shahs Of Sunset,” The Persian “Jersey Shore”

The “Jersey Shore” knockoffs are here! “The Shahs Of Sunset,” a new reality show about Iranian-Americans in Los Angeles, will be developed by Bravo and Ryan Seacrest’s production company, they jointly announced Wednesday. L.A. has the largest Persian community outside of Iran and their per capita income is 50 percent higher than the national average, according to the blog ColorLines. “The Persian-American community in Los Angeles is a perfect fit for Bravo’s next great docu-series. The group of friends featured in our show are colorful, affluent, and fun,” Bravo’s Andy Cohen said in a statement. What can we expect from “Shahs of Sunset”?

“From over-the-top shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive to traditional family feasts at home, Shahs of Sunset celebrates the opulent lifestyle of a group of young friends who have grown up together in Los Angeles and are now trying to balance their active social lives with their up-and-coming careers. Armed with chromed-out cars, logo-ridden purses and designer outfits, they’ve got it and they’re not afraid to flaunt it.”

This sounds like “The Real Housewives” meets the Kardashians, except Iranian instead of Armenian. (It figures: Bravo is behind the “Housewives” plague and Ryan Seacrest produces the Kardashians’ shows.)

Some Italian-Americans balked at “Jersey Shore” because they said it stereotyped them as ignorant boozehounds. “Shahs of Sunset” sounds like it will be more classy, but no less stereotypical. I also wonder whether it will address the political turmoil and repression in Iran, where it’s reasonable to assume the show’s stars still have family. Do you suspect there’ll be similar outrage from the Persian-American community?


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