Today’s Lady News: Ad Agency “Surprised” Women Don’t Like Those Summer’s Eve Douche Commercials

  • The ad agency that made Summer’s Eve’s offensive new “Hail To The V” douche commercials — starring a black vagina who talks about her hair and says “you best be headed to the store,” as well as a Latina vagina who says “Aye yi yi!” — is surprised you think those ads are racist. According to a statement from The Richards Group:

    “We have a wonderful client that recognizes no matter what they do, marketing in the feminine hygiene category is going to provoke a reaction. After listening to thousands of women say they want straight-talk and lighthearted communication on a historically-uncomfortable topic, Summer’s Eve gave us license to be bold, irreverent and celebratory across a multitude of mediums and to different audiences. We are surprised that some have found the online videos racially stereotypical. We never intended anything other than to make the videos relatable, and our in house multi-cutural experts confirmed the approach. The more important mission is to get women talking about taboo topics and we hope these negative sentiments don’t overshadow that effort.”

    “In house multi-cultural experts”? What? I guess if they — whoever they are — say racial stereotypes are OK, then of course, by all means, go ahead! [AdWeek]

  • Step away from the Global Gag Rule, politicians! The House Foreign Affairs Committee voted to restore and expand the Global Gag Rule, which refuses funding to international family planning groups that use their own money to provide abortions. The gag rule was George W. Bush’s first action in office in 2001 and hastily lifted by Barack Obama. Ugh. Aren’t there more important things to be working on? [Think Progress]
  • Abortions via “telemedicine” are as safe and effective as in-person procedures, according to a study in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology. [MSNBC]
  • Rep. Nancy Pelosi has endorsed a possible executive order that would prevent the government from hiring contractors that don’t have policies protecting LGBT workers from discrimination. [Think Progress]
  • Anti-abortion activists are bullying a local parking lot for renting spaces to a Planned Parenthood clinic which hopes to open in Redwood City, California. [San Jose Mercury News]
  • Nine ways a woman can get on the cover of Sports Illustrated. [The Atlantic Monthly]
  • The women we love at Comic-Con! [AfterEllen]


  • A transgender woman in Canada won a free pair of breasts in a radio contest. Congratulations, I guess? [Queerty]
  • Cindy McCain heads back to the U.S. from a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo tomorrow where she met with aid groups working with female victims of sexual violence. [New York Times]