Name That Teenybopper Star

You will be very surprised when I tell you who is depicted in this photo. For starters, it is a lady—not a guy—and a girly girl at that. One who you know for her long, lustrous hair and her longtime relationship with a co-star. Still can’t guess? Find out who it is after the jump.Believe it or not, this is Vanessa Hudgens in costume for her role in “Gimme Shelter,” which sounds like a far less happy version of “Juno.” The flick is about a preggers teen who runs away from her abusive mama, played by Rosario Dawson. She goes in search of her father, aka Brendan Frasier, but he doesn’t want much to do with her once he finds out that she won’t be having an abortion.

I’ve never been too impressed with Hudgens’ acting—I roll my eyes every time I see that clip of her in “Beastly” telling the beast “I’ve seen worse” so inauthentically—but judging from this photo, she could surprise us in this new one. “The tattoo, the hair, the clothes, the piercings, the attitude, the everything. The walk, the talk … it was a completely new person. I really did look like a boy,” she explains. “[It] automatically puts you into a different headspace. Not to mention the places we were filming. We were in the grimiest, dirtiest places, and I was fighting every day, being fought, being beat down and it was all extremely draining even though it was acting.”

Congratulations, girl. You have graduated from “High School Musical.”


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