Matt Damon Is The The New Baldy On The Block

In April, Jake Gyllenhaal went bald for his role as an LAPD office in “End of Watch.” Then Joseph Gordon-Levitt shaved his head onscreen in the trailer for “50/50,” while Channing Tatum was spotted sans hair after beginning to film “GI Joe 2: Cobra Strikes.” Now, we have a new member of the Chrome Dome Club. Matt Damon has forsaken his hair, too. Apparently, the new ‘do (or lack thereof?) is for his role in “Elysium,” director Neill Blomkamp’s follow up to “District 9.” The movie is a futuristic flick—the website teases “zero-g welders” and “quantum networkers”—and in it, Matt plays a hardened convict. Sounds pretty interesting. I should also say that while I do not approve of all three of the aforementioned guys without hair, at least from this angle, Matt looks pretty freaking hot bald. The shaved head suits him and makes him look a touch more badass. [StarPulse]

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