Nevada Denies A Sarah Palin Vanity Plate. Or Did They?

Guys, we are obviously in the midst of a liberal conspiracy. A Nevada man named James Linlor is suing his state’s Department of Motor Vehicles because they refused to issue him a vanity plate for his car that reads “GOPALIN.” As in, Sarah Palin. Apparently, the Nevada DMV dictates that when it comes to vanity plates, “No combination of letters, numbers or spaces is allowed if it … (e)xpresses contempt, ridicule or superiority of … political affiliation.” Linlor and his lawyer claim that the DMV unconstitutionally applied this stipulation. They gave as proof the fact that the DMV had issued plates that read “DMOCRAT” and “AL GORE.” Linlor also put in an application for the plate “GOOBAMA,” and said that was approved, no problem.

It almost sounds like this guy has a point … except that, after being initially denied, he was issued a “GOPALIN” plate. More than six months ago. The Nevada DMV Director says, “I’m a little baffled why he would file a lawsuit in July when he got the plate in December.” He agreed that the initial denial was “wrong.”

Linlor and his lawyer say the purpose of the suit is to prevent future injustices of this nature. But I think maybe Linlor’s next vanity plate should read “WANTS$$.”

What do you think—should political vanity plates be allowed? And does this lawsuit seem worthwhile?

[Reno Gazette-Journal]

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