My Name Is Ami And I’m An Aquaholic

I wasn’t aware of it until now (or maybe I was just in denial), but I suffer from aquaholism. According to an article in the Daily Mail, water addiction, which celebrity chef Nigella Lawson claims to suffer from, can be dangerous and even deadly. One aquaholic’s confession sounded eerily familiar to me:

“Colleagues can set their watches by me. Every 20 minutes or so, I’ll pause what I’m doing, get up from my desk and go to the ladies. During an eight-hour working day, it’s a trip I’ll make more than 16 times .. I always kept a litre bottle of water on my desk, which I would top up from the water cooler usually six times throughout the day … I don’t have an addictive personality in any other respect. I’m neither a reformed smoker nor binge-eater, who has simply replaced one compulsive habit with another. I’ve tried to cut down, but my body is now so used to the high volume of water, that when I don’t drink, particularly when I am working in a dry, air-conditioned atmosphere, I actually feel very uncomfortable. My mouth feels dry and my lips are parched.”

Ack. I could have written these words. Those who know me know that like this woman, I drink a lot of water, take a ridiculous amount of trips to the bathroom (one of my co-workers once asked me if I was suffering from a bladder infection), and experience anxiety when I do not have a water bottle by my side. Like her, my excessive water consumption is not due to a medical condition and it’s something I’ve been indulging in since I was a child. Unlike her, I have never overdosed to point of near death. I didn’t even know that was possible.

At least now I am aware what rock bottom looks like for an aquaholic. I want to change. Admitting I have a problem is the first step. Then maybe switching to Diet Coke like the rest of the ladies in the office? [Daily Mail UK]

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