Evening Quickies: Will Snooki Be On “Dancing With The Stars”?

  • Snooki, Rob Kardashian and Christina Milian are all in talks for the next season of “Dancing With The Stars.” TEAM SNOOKI! Well, we already know she can dance with potted plants. [US Weekly]
  • Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy for hiring a Kim Kardashian-lookalike for a commercial, which Kim says damaged her image. [Styleite]
  • Betty White declined Sgt. Ray Lewis’s invitation to the Marine Corps Ball in November, but “Terminator” actress Linda Hamilton offered to fill in as Betty’s replacement. [The Daily What]
  • Ten things to know about Wendi “Smackdown” Murdoch, AKA Rupert Murdoch’s wife. [TresSugar]

  • Zach Braff briefly came out of the closet today — but it turns out it was only an old personal website of his being hacked by pranksters. Braff had a sense of humor about it, writing on his Facebook page, “My old website got hacked. Someone issued a ‘coming out’ statement on my behalf. I’m still straight and in love with my girlfriend. But not too straight; I still love musicals, brunch and Doogie Howser.” [TMZ]
  • Whoopsies. Kelly Rowland’s new album leaked. [PopDust]
  • Bearing a striking resemblance to Harry Potter can really take a toll on your life. Just ask this guy. [New York Observer]
  • Fifteen apartments on film that we wish we could live in. I’m ashamed to admit I daydream about Molly’s apartment in “Uptown Girls” sometimes. [FlavorWire]
  • Stephen Colbert’s “It Gets Better” video = LOVE. [Splitsider]
  • What should you do if your co-workers ask you nosy questions about your relationship status? (If you work at The Frisky, you are screwed because Amelia will make you write about it either way.) [The Grindstone]
  • Who amongst us hasn’t always wanted to know the truth about Victorian underwear? [The Mary Sue]

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