Unlikely Style Inspiration: Rachel McAdams In “Midnight In Paris”

It’s been awhile since I’ve hated a movie character as much as I hated Rachel McAdam’s character Inez in “Midnight in Paris.” In fact, I spent most of the movie hoping for a plot twist that involved her getting hit by a truck. She’s spoiled, entitled, condescending, and has no sense of magic. One thing she does have, however, is a pretty amazing sense of style. Her belted shirtdresses, platform sandals, and aviator sunglasses were a nice distraction from her awful personality. Read on for a wallet-friendly version of Inez’s signature outfit…

1. Metal Aviator Sunglasses: $14, Urban Outfitters

2. Shirt Dress: $50, All Saints

3. Platform Sandals: $40, Zappos

4. Skinny Braided Belt; $18, Need Supply

5. Bootcut Jeans: $40, Alloy