Today’s Lady News: Pssst! Did You Hear Michele Bachmann Might Have Menopause?

  • Rep. Michele Bachmann may suffer from migraines, according to a conservative website which is possibly trying to smear the politician. The Republican presidential contender “suffers from stress-induced medical episodes that she has characterized as severe headaches,” according to The Daily Caller, which quoted “three people who have worked closely with Bachmann.” The Caller claims these “episodes” occur roughly once a week and “incapacitate” Bachmann for days at a time, occasionally landing her in the hospital. Asked one aide who spoke anonymously, “As president, when she’s in crisis management mode, is she going to have the physical ability to withstand the most difficult challenges facing America?” Some in the blogosphere are wondering if this leak is trying to insinuate that Bachmann cannot handle the stresses of leadership, possibly because she is a woman. Another theory is that “migraines” is a code word for “menopause,” which may also make Bachmann unpalatable as a candidate. Others say there is nothing sexist at all about reporting Bachmann may suffer from migraines (or whatever). What do you think? [Daily Caller, Daily Intel, XX Factor, Care2]

  • President Obama has endorsed a bill introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which dictates that the federal government does not have to honor gay marriages performed by individual states. DOMA also defines marriage as “legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife.” [CNN, ThinkProgress]
  • A transgender women is suing the state of Alaska via the American Civil Liberties Union for failing to issue her a driver’s license with her preferred gender. The state informed the woman, who has lived as a female for the past two years and is identified as a female on her passport, had to to provide proof that she had undergone sex change surgery before it would change her “M” to an “F” on her license. The ACLU claims that providing such “sensitive personal information” or being forced “to make major medical decisions” (if she is pre-op) are unconstitutional. [Fox News]
  • On feminist dating dilemmas. [Sexy Feminist]
  • On Kris Jenner’s facelift. [Clutch Magazine]
  • Diana Nyad, 61, is planning on a 60+ hour, 100+ mile swim across the shark-infested waters of the Straights of Florida from Cuba to Key West. If that sounds crazy, don’t worry: she attempted a similar swim in the ’70s and still holds the world record for the world’s longest ocean swim. [New York Times]
  • A security guard tried to kick two lesbians out of a Gertrude Stein exhibit at San Francisco’s Jewish Museum because they were holding hands. Gertrude Stein, mind you, is just about the most lesbian of all lesbian writers. [Gawker]
  • Should you speak up if you hear a man say something sexist in a private conversation? Frisky contributer Chloe Angyal investigates. [Feministing]


  • Doctors believe they should be able to refuse to provide an abortion — including to a minor who is a victim of rape — if it clashes with their personal beliefs. [Guardian UK]

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