Morning Quickies: Celine Dion Shuts Down “Ridiculous Pictures Of Celine Dion” Blog

  • RIP, Ridiculous Pictures Of Celine Dion. The Tumblr blog announced it will be shutting down after Dion’s lawyers sent them a scary letter. “Céline Dion found our blog, and she didn’t like it. We just got a letter from Céline’s lawyers that the blog has to be shut down,” the blog said. “Though this blog is well within the realm of ‘fair use,’ I don’t have the money or time to get a lawyer to respond. The dream is over.” [Ridiculous Pictures Of Celine Dion via Tabloid Prodigy]
  • Betty White has graciously declined the invitation to accompany Sgt. Ray Lewis to the Marine Corps Ball in November. “I am deeply flattered and truly appreciate the invitation,” she said in a statement. “As everyone knows, I love a man in uniform … but unfortunately I cannot accept, as I will be taping an episode of ‘Hot in Cleveland.'” [Los Angeles Times]
  • Jealousy and “crazy” fights are also being fingered for the Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony split. [Celebitchy]

  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand are both dismissing divorce rumors, with her tweeting “Just cause we don’t flaunt our relationship doesn’t mean there’s something wrong w/it. Privacy is our luxury. #tabloidsrtrash #gossipisgross.” Oopies. Sorry, guys. [Celebitchy]
  • A 15-year-old boy died in a car crash in Queens involving Lamar Odom, who was riding in the back seat of a car as a passenger on his way to a family funeral. The car he was riding in struck a motorcycle, which then hit the boy, who was a pedestrian. Both Odom and Khloe Kardashian tweeted their condolences to the boy’s family. [People]
  • Emma Watson is returning to Brown University in the fall and plans to spend her junior year studying abroad at Oxford. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Rihanna is too famous to wear pants in public. [Celebuzz]
  • Borders will be liquidating its 399 bookstores from now through September. Ugh. It’s always sad when bookstores close. [The Millions]

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