Why Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names Suck

I could read about, talk about and dream about baby names all day long. Some people might call me obsessed. I truly get upset each time I hear a bad name… a bad name in my opinion, at least. Too trendy, spelled too ”Kreatively,” or a given name that sounds plain horrible when paired with the child’s family name, are the kind of naming no-nos that really tick me off. I’d share examples of my least favorite baby names but those friends will eventually read this…

But when it comes to awesomely horrendous names bestowed on the babes of celebrities, I just don’t care. None of us should, really. I’m convinced that most of them do it for publicity, which is all sorts of wrong. The others, like Shannyn Sossaman who named her baby Audio Science, are probably nuts. And who am I to judge the decisions of crazy people?If you name your child Fifi Trixibelle, I won’t even bother getting worked up about your awful decision. Poor Fifi Trixibelle is the daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates. The name, which is unsuitable for even the fluffiest of dogs, recently claimed top prize for the most original name ever according to a U.K.-based ancestry website, Genes Reunited. The survey looked at more than 750 million birth records from the last 150 years and found that even names like Suri, Cruz and Apple had appeared more than once, but Fifi Trixibelle was truly one of a kind. Thank goodness for that. The name certainly doesn’t pass the lawyer/president test. Read more…

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