Beauty Test Drive: Claro IPL Acne Clearing Device Zaps Zits Fast

I don’t get pimples often, but when I do, they’re often painful and difficult to eliminate. I have figured out a pimple-killing strategy that works for my skin — benzoyl peroxide wash, bacteria-fighting prescribed gel, benzoyl peroxide spot treatment cream, and toothpaste at night if the zit is a real doozy. This approach works, but can take days longer than I’d like to clear up a pimple, and I often have a hyper-pigmentation mark after. A few days ago, I could feel two zits under the surface of my skin on my chin — that’s what a day of sweating at the beach can do. So I decided to try the Claro IPL Acne Clearing Device, instead of my usual regimen. I’m sure you’ve seen some form of an acne spot treatment device, but Claro is different, or so they say. According to a release, it’s the only FDA-cleared, over-the-counter device to use Intense Pulsed Light, which in plain language means that Claro uses heat and light to fight acne. The handheld device is really easy to use, but I do recommend reading all the instructions and warnings because there will be heat and light near your face and eyes. I noticed the pimples were significantly softer and less painful after two, consecutive six-second treatments. I did administer a second set of treatments the next day. And after a few hours, the zits were virtually undetectable, and I wasn’t left with any dark marks. Although I think the bumps went away as fast as they did because I treated them before they completely broke the skin, I don’t think I would have had the same results if I’d used my usual treatment or some kind of face mask. Verdict: It’s more expensive than toothpaste, but it works! [$195, Sephora]