8 Baby Gifts We’d Like To Get For Carla Bruni And Nicolas Sarkozy

From the department of things-you-knew-but-hadn’t-been-confirmed, Carla Bruni has made an official statement that she is pregnant. This is after her father implied it back in May, after she’s been spotted wearing maternity clothes, and after being photographed in a bikini that revealed a wee bit of a baby bump. But, hey, everyone needs to take their own time making these matters public knowledge. In her statements, Carla implied that the pregnancy wasn’t planned. “The coming happiness [was] unexpected and unhoped for,” she said. Guess that’s what happens when you keep the queen waiting while you get it on?

Carla isn’t talking when it comes to how far along she is, or the baby’s gender. “There are certain things which one should keep secret,” she said. Still, we are excited for her and her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy. After the jump, some baby gifts we’d like to get for them.

  1. A rattle engraved with the French flag.
  2. A onesie that reads “#23.” No, not for Michael Jordan. Because his/her papa is the 23rd president of France.
  3. A baby guitar so he/she can learn to play with mom Carla and they can do their own version of Serge Gainsbourg and Charlotte Gainsbourg’s “Lemon Incest.”
  4. A silver cheese knife.
  5. A coupon for a free therapy session with either Chelsea Clinton or an Obama daughter.
  6. A lifetime supply of Chanel No. 5.
  7. The complete Woody Allen collection. Since Carla had a small role in his new one.
  8. A pair of glasses that will automatically shield their eyes from any naked photos mama took in her modeling days.

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