The Ghosts (Or At Least Stuff) Of Exes Past

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively are dating. And — at least according to The National Enquirer — Blake was none too pleased when she was at Leo’s New York apartment recently and discovered a suitcase full of lingerie belonging to his ex, model Bar Refaeli. Allegedly, she flipped out, and Leo—being the gentleman that he is—promptly marched down to the dumpster to destroy the evidence. A nice save, considering his first reaction probably went something like, “Don’t worry, she just hasn’t picked it up yet.” [CelebSlam]

We feel (insecure?) for Blake. We too have had unfortunate experiences with traces of exes past in guys’ homes. After the jump, some stories from Frisky staffers and friends. Cringe for us, please.

“When I first started dating my ex-fiance, he had photos of his ex up in his apartment. That was weird. It definitely made me curious and insecure and I totally went through his things when he wasn’t around and found a ton of other photos of them together. (And a diary he kept when they were together, where he talked about how much he lovvvved her.) But now I still have tons of his s**t at my place even though we broke up awhile ago — everything from his old TV to a lime green cashmere hoodie that I wear around the apartment when it’s cold. And if any dude gave me s**t about it, I would be annoyed, so I like to think I’ll be mellow about any ex-stuff laying around a future BF’s apartment. “

“My ex had drawers filled with his ex-girlfriend’s clothes that she’d left behind. When he moved, he called her and asked her what to do with it and she asked him to bring it by her new apartment. When he said no, she told him to just throw it away. He was really pissed off, because he’d bought her lots of those items. (Maybe this is why he never bought me clothing?) He just left it on the curb for random passersby to pick through. I wasn’t jealous, because I thought it made her look ungrateful.”

“The last guy I was sleeping with had some girl’s hair straightener in his bathroom. He said I could use it if I wanted. Then I pointed out to him that I have very straight hair. Then he said he sometimes used it on himself to flatten a cowlick. I’m not sure if he was kidding.”

“One of my exes had a bunch of his ex’s Don Delillo books. He later borrowed a bunch of books of mine from a class on Contemporary Japanese fiction. I never got them back. I imagine he’s just building a library out of all the women he’s dated.”

“My boyfriend plugged my iPhone into his computer to download pictures from our recent vacation. In an ironic twist of fate, he called me in the room to ask if I knew I had a whole album of my ex on my phone (I did know it was there–iTunes refuses to let me delete it) and as he tried to delete it for me, up popped his trash folder. There she was, his ex of four or five years (whom he had once referred to as more like an ex-wife than an ex-girlfriend) completely and utterly naked. I immediately began shaking and thinking the worst. The saving grace was that it was in the trash folder. He became extremely frustrated with the fact that things you put in the trash folder are not in fact treated as trash and actually deleted but rather saved in that stupid, awful asshole of a trash folder. I feel him on that (now). So insecure is an understated description for what I felt. Any rationalizations I should have made (he deleted it!) went out the window. To make things worse, I was on my way out the door to go to work (fun eight hours) so we couldn’t even discuss. The shaking persisted for hours and honestly, I’m kinda shaking now as I’m writing this. It wasn’t his fault (apparently that permanent delete button is hard to find) but I have to admit it was “a thing” in our relationship for a while. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, no matter if I thought my body was killing hers and other things I tell myself to feel better about this. My mature side told me that I was being irrational but I couldn’t help but obsess about worst case scenarios of him crawling back to her and she accepting him with open arms. It’s been a few months so I’ve pretty much gotten over it, but I can still see that God-awful picture in my head.”

So, have you ever found an ex’s stuff at your boyfriend’s place? If you’ve been fortunate enough to escape it, lucky you. If you’re not so lucky, what was it and how did you (and he) react?

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