What’s Your Morning Routine?

Our morning routines are all so individuated and specific and weird. Like for instance, I can’t get my day started without spending at least 20 minutes in bed with my cats. It’s not my decision — it’s up to Pony and The Colonel (the cats, you know). I also NEVER eat breakfast at my house. Weird, right? So, I decided to ask the rest of The Frisky staff how they get their days going — and I want to hear about yours, too. Tell us about your morning routine — and your must-have products — in the comments! Amelia: As a loud and proud “dirty girl,” showering is not a daily routine for me, however, I always:

  1. Use a dry shampoo on my roots to soak up any greasiness and give my hair some lift. Then, since I tend to wear my hair wavy during summer since it’s hot, I’ll spray on some of Sally Hershberger’s wave spray which gives it that beachy texture.
  2. I always flatiron my bangs. Can’t stand a cowlick.
  3. You can’t apply makeup without first applying a good moisturizer. I love Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Creme.
  4. I try not to wear much makeup during the summer, but I’ll usually dot on a little MAC Foundation to even out my skin, apply bronzer to emphasize my already stupendous natural tan, a little Stila Convertible Color on my cheeks, and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara.
  5. I never wear lipstick unless I’m going out, but I wear perfume no matter what. Sometimes I even put a little on before I sleep because I read some stupid quote about it enhancing your dreams. My dad always buys me perfume for birthdays and Christmas because he never knows what to get me. This is kind of sad, but his fave perfume that he used to give my mom when they were married was Joy by Jean Patou. So he buys that for me and I wear it. Is that weird? Whatever. Anyway, I just looked it up and realized that it’s known for being the costliest perfume in the world? Thanks Dad!


  1. Wash my face with Cetaphil, the sensitive skinned girl’s best friend.
  2. I dab Benefit POREfessional on my pores (particularly around my nose and chin) to minimize their appearance and use MAC Studio Moisture Cream on the rest of my face. It’s a very light, non-greasy moisturizer and I can genuinely say it makes me feel “radiant”!
  3. I cover my zits with either a MAC concealer (if they are spotty) or Benefit Erase Paste (if they are in patches). Lately I’ve been using Benefit’s Erase Paste a lot because it’s more pink-tinted and looks more natural during the summertime. I dab the dark circles under my eyes and my eyelids with Dior’s SkinFlash Radiance Booster Pen to lighten my skin up there. Finally, I spray my kabuki brush with DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation and brush that around my face until everything is evened out.
  4. I brush MAC bronzer over my cheekbones and dot Benefit’s Pink Posy Benetint on my cheekbones, which I rub in with a brush. Then I highlight my cheekbones and my nose bone with Benefit’s High Beam, which illuminates the angles of my face. At other times during the year, I’ll wear more intense eye makeup and juxtapose with clear lip gloss, or no eye makeup with a berry lipstick. But lately I’ve been swiping Benefit’s High Beam along my lash lines to illuminate my eyes. That feels low-key and summery to me! Lastly, I massage Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl moisturizer over my cheekbones, chin and forehead to get a “dewy” look. Not only does the shimmer counteract that “powdery” look that you get from wearing makeup, but it smells AMAZING.
  5. Last but not least, I spritz myself with perfume before I leave the house! I’ve never cared much for the distinction of summer vs. winter perfumes. I wear what I feel like wearing based on my mood instead. Marc Jacobs’s basic fragrance is for the days I want to feel classy and sophisticated. Kate Spade’s Twirl is fruity and for the days I want to feel fun!


  1. First thing every morning, I spend 20 minutes or so petting Colonel Mustard. He jumps up on my chest while I’m in bed and puts his mutant dinosaur paws on my face, and we have our special cuddle times. And then I remember that I have no boyfriend and will probably be alone forever and go and wash my face…
  2. With Fresh Soy Cleanser! This stuff is great–super gentle and it smells like cucumber and seemingly doesn’t make me break out like every other thing with my Sensitive Sally skin. I was doing this thing where instead of putting moisturizer on, I was just straight up putting Neosporin on my face after that, to try and alleviate and sores and redness and zittiness, and it was working pretty well, but I’ve gone through a whole tube, and am now back on Absolution’s moisturizing system.
  3. As for makeup, well, I loves me some makeup. Right now, I’m using Laura Mercier foundation to even out my skin, then a crap ton of bronzer and blush. To be honest, a lot of the makeup I’m using these days is stuff from the Carmindy Natural Beauty line for Sally Hansen, that was picked out for me when I was on that TV show you might have heard about. I have also recently discovered the world of Anastasia brow products, which are hands down the best brow pencils on the market. POR SEGURO.
  4. I never eat breakfast before I leave the house, and so I’ll stop by the neighborhood Starbucks or whatever for a coffee. Lately, it’s been very fortuitous. This week I’ve seen a hot Joseph Gordon-Levitt-alike and the actor Kevin Corrigan!

Ami: My morning routine (yes, I am a product whore):

  1. Wash face with Clinique mild cleansing face wash. Then I apply the following…
  2. Eye creams: Clinique All About Eyes and for my dark circles Hylexin Moisturize with DDF Oil Free Moisturizing Dew with SPF
  3. Laura Mercier concealer under my eyes
  4. Georgio Armani Face Fabric as foundation
  5. Nars bronzer and blush
  6. Makeup Forever aqua liners
  7. Nars eyeshadow
  8. Lancome Definicils mascara. Done.


  1. Fresh from the shower, I apply way too much of Bath and Body Work’s “Lay it on Thick” to my wet body as I stand in the shower. 24 hours of moisture, swear.
  2. I use men’s deodorant. Not like Old Spice or anything, but I like the Mitchum unscented clear gel. They make it for women too, but for some reason I prefer the men’s version.
  3. I’ll spare you the details of turning my curly hair into wavy, beachy, bedroom hair (at least that’s what I shoot for) but no matter what, I finish with Brocato Hair Spray. Moveable hold for good weather, maximum for humidity and rain.
  4. I love to smell pretty and Bvlgari’s Crystalline does it for me. Seriously try it, it’s simple but sensual.
  5. I ignore the “take one piece of jewelry off before you leave the house” rule and pile on the bangles, baubles and belts. Accessorizing makes me feel feminine and that balances the men’s Mitchum.

Kate: I need to get my blood pumping first thing in the morning. So…

  1. I roll out of bed, stumble into my living room and do 10 to 20 minutes of bellydancing, yoga, weights, whatever through Exercise TV, which has hundreds of workout videos on demand.
  2. I can spend forever in the shower, but limit it to 15 minutes. I swear by Pantene Color Preserve Volume shampoo and conditioner for keeping my blue streak bright and pumping up my fine hair. How brilliant of them to combine the two. I rinse with cold water for shine.
  3. I pride myself on having nice skin. I used to use a zillion products on my face, but I think they were actually making me breakout. Now I just wash with Aveeno cleanser. And use a serum at night because it feels decadent, smells delicious, and makes me look more awake in the morning.
  4. Sunscreen is a must every day, even cloudy ones, since skin cancer runs strongly in my family. I use sunscreen in the summer, and a moisturizer with SPF the rest of the year. I apply it on my face, arms, and neck.
  5. I spend less than five minutes on my makeup and cannot even put into words the extent to which I love Tarte skin products. I swear by their Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer, which covers like a foundation but has a primer built in so it never budges. Their Cheek Stain is also amazing—they are the prettiest colors (I have, like, five I rotate between) they feel so cool when you apply them. Other than that, I do a coat of black mascara and a bright lipstick.