Today’s Lady News: Afghan Women Protest Street Harassment In High Heels & Head Scarves

  • Afghan women held a protest in high heels and head scarves in Kabul today to protest street harassment. “The idea behind street harassment is that women should not be out of their houses,” organizer Noor Jahan Akbar, 19, told Reuters. [Reuters]
  • The actress Geena Davis was in D.C. yesterday lobbying for the Healthy Media for Youth Act, which would encourage positive role models for both girls and boys in children’s media. [Politico]
  • Turns out Michelle Obama is really hard to smear with racist bunk. [Salon]

  • Anti-abortion extremists will actually stoop so low as to try and discourage women from voting. [Mother Jones]
  • A hate group in Massachusetts is trying to scare people from supporting “the bathroom bill,” which would provide bathrooms for transgender and transexual folks, with lines like “The bathroom bill will put my daughter and her friends at risk!” Yes, that is what transgender folks want to do: HURT YOUR CHILDREN. [Queerty]
  • Ford Models is putting together a special promo featuring only their black models. [Fashionista]


  • Saudi princess Ameerah Al-Taweel, 27, is joining the campaign for women’s right to drive. [NPR]
  • How cell phones both help and hurt women abroad. [Slate]

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