22 Things We Never Thought We’d Do For A Man, Until We Did

I saw “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” over the weekend. In 3-D. And I am so not into action movies. Now to be fair, my boyfriend had already bought tickets to “Horrible Bosses” for us, but I found myself wanting to please him since I knew he would much rather watch the Decepticons than Colin Farrell. I called him and suggested we see “Transformers” instead. Well, he jumped on it, returned the original tickets and immediately reserved our seats. “Babe, it’s going to sell out. We have to get there early!” he said, so excited.

Oh, the things we do for love. And lust. And infatuation. (And perhaps desperation, too). Have you ever found yourself doing things you said you would never do for a boyfriend, or a guy you’re dating, or even just a guy you want to date? I posed this question to the rest of The Frisky staff. So, take a moment and stop folding skidmark-stained undies and check out these 22 things we thought we would never do for a man—until we did.

  1. Watch sports. At a sports bar. Convincing him you are a huge Knicks fan is easy. Sitting through an entire game while he pays more attention to Carmelo Anthony than you isn’t. And still, many of us do it on occasion and actually (gasp) enjoy it. (Obviously, if you’re a sports fan, this isn’t a sacrifice.)
  2. Ditch your girlfriends. We’ve all been guilty of breaking girl code, but a new man can make girls’ night out way less appealing.
  3. Deprioritize our pets. Kate never thought that she’d lock her cat out of the bedroom at night. But because her boyfriend is mildly allergic—and because kitty Cleo insists on trying to eat his face—she now sleeps in the living room.
  4. Go camping. Ignoring extreme reactions to mosquitoes (and peeing in the woods), we’ve found ourselves in a tent a time or two.
  5. Consider moving. Amelia explains, “I never thought I would consider moving out of NY for a dude. And I’m not going to anytime soon, but I did recently find myself considering the possibility when I was dating someone seriously that I really cared about. I felt a willingness to go really anywhere with him. Even though we’ve taken our relationship down a notch, I still remain open to the possibility that being in love may mean going elsewhere with someone.”
  6. Get religious. With mixed results. Julie says, “I once went to a Shabbat dinner and thought I would be helpful so I blew out the Shabbat candles. Which is like, the biggest no-no ever.”
  7. Attempt anal sex. Enough said. “But never again,” says Amelia, who wasn’t a fan.
  8. Dealt with their pets. In my ignorant younger years, I dated a guy who had a pet ferret. Which is a rodent. Her name was Sarah and Sarah was a bitch.
  9. Play stepmom to his kids. Or dog, for that matter. See above.
  10. Eat unidentifiable things. Jessica says, “I ate so many new foods at various dim sum restaurants with my ex and his Chinese mother. I have no idea what those foods were. I just chewed and ate and tried not to think about it.”
  11. Sit through his “performance.” Whether it’s a noise band, acting gig or martial arts competition, if he’s not good, it’s hard to watch. Julie dated a guy in a band called Kill the Man Who Questions.
  12. Max out a credit card. “But he has so much potential.” “I know he would do it for me.” “This is 2011, women can pay for dinner.” Next thing you know, you go to buy tampons and your AmEx gets declined.
  13. Read philosophy books for fun. Kate says, “I’m actually finding myself interested in one on his suggestion.”
  14. Let him take naked pics of you. Or video if he’s really convincing. Oops, there went our career in politics.
  15. Watch a dick flick. Julie has been here, too. “When I was 16, I saw ‘Mortal Combat’ in the theaters so I could go on a date with Scotty Eastwood. That was the last time I ever went to see a movie with a dude just because I thought he was cute.” Unfortunately, not all of us have learned. Remember, “Transformers.” In 3-D?
  16. Get used to his bachelor pad/frat house/mom’s house or any other living quarters that are less than desirable.
  17. Go bald below. Amelia says, “Actually, I did it mostly for myself, and I kept it for myself, but I ain’t gonna lie that I like that dudes have liked it too.”
  18. Be in a long distance relationship. This also includes driving/flying/taking a bus thousands of miles just to look at his face.
  19. Have sex at your parents house. They were asleep! And sometimes you just gotta scratch that itch.
  20. Play a video game. At least we played the hot girl character and whooped some ass.
  21. Faced a fear.Jessica explains, “I rode on an airplane. Twice. And hated every second of it.”
  22. Wear heels when it’s completely unnecessary. For me, this includes trips to the grocery store, picnics and pool parties. My boyfriend is a 6′ 3″ giant and I know he likes not having to bend down a foot to kiss me. I’ve definitely committed Shoe-icide in the name of his giant spine.

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