What’s Up Next For Kristen Wiig?

It’s exciting to see that, in a post-“Bridesmaids” world, Kristen Wiig is starting to get major clout in Hollywood. For years, she has apparently wanted to do a movie called “Imogen,” and it has finally been picked up. Written by the husband and wife team behind “American Splendor,” Kristen describes “Imogen” as such: “It’s basically about a girl who kind of pretends to kill herself. She does it to get her recently ex-boyfriend’s attention. She ends up having to go live with her mom, whom she hasn’t seen in years. It’s kind of about going back home, so she finds her life again and gets reintroduced to her family, kind of a coming home story.” Kristen is hoping to be shooting by the summer.

So what else is on Kristen’s plate? She’s been tapped to do the voice of Lola Bunny in the Cartoon Network’s new “Looney Tunes Show.”

And she’s optioned Clown Girl, the story of a clown who is working hard to support herself and put her dude through clown college, too. And excitingly, Kristen is expected to write this one herself, as she did for “Bridesmaids.” “I haven’t had much time to work on the script because of my schedule, and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to adapt it,” she explains. “But it’s an amazing book and I hope to do it justice.”

We bet she will.

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