Today’s Lady News: U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Headed To The World Cup Final

  • The U.S. women’s soccer team is headed to the World Cup final! Let’s have a repeat of 1999! Goooooaaaaaal! [AP]
  • Oprah Winfrey named herself the CEO of OWN, her new television network, which debuted in January. Winfrey replaced her original CEO of OWN just two months ago. I guess she decided if you want something done right you have to do it yourself! [The Wrap]
  • Women in Oakland, California, respond to the race-baiting anti-abortion billboards that have sprung up in their city. I love the woman who says, “Definitely don’t put that on the sisters.” [Reproductive Justice Blog]
  • An all-girls football league is coming to New York City’s public high schools. [Gothamist]

  • Why lesbians are better at saving money. [Big Think]
  • A look at the sex trade in northwest Wisconsin. [The Morning News]
  • Suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s true beliefs, revealed. [NPR]
  • Ten great books about music by female writers. [FlavorWire]
  • Meet ex-Black Flag bassist Kira, an unsung heroine of punk music. [Village Voice]
  • Any New Yorkers interested in a guided tour of NYC women’s history? Definitely check out this fab Womens eNews fundraising event. [Womens eNews]


  • The only suspect in the incident where an Afghan girl, Bibi Aisha, had her nose cut off by her husband’s family, has been released. [New York Times]
  • Check out the UK’s first soccer team for lesbians, the Belfast Braves. Oh, I’m sorry, “football” team. [Guardian UK]
  • Iconic ’70s British feminist Ann Oakley is the author of a new book, A Critical Woman, about Barbara Wootton, a suffragette and the first woman to lecture at Cambridge. [Guardian UK]