10 Movies I Loved That Really Aren’t That Amazing

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I am one of those pop culture geeks that basically enjoys every movie I watch in some capacity, with a few exceptions (for example, “Garfield” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt). I am not a movie snob in the slightest. Without fail, I can watch “Hitch,” starring Will Smith and Eva Mendes, every time it is on TV. Over the years, there have been movies that really blew my mind when I first saw them; flicks that made me say, “Oh my god, that was one of the best films I’ve ever seen.” But then, upon a second or third viewing, or seeing other films that were better, or really thinking about what the hell there was to like so damn much, I’ve realized that either the movie was actually quite sucky or simply just not as good as I thought. Here are 10 examples of movies I lovvvvvved so much I wanted to marry them — until I realized they weren’t that great or great at all.
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