The Casey Anthony Madness Continues

A week later, we are still in shock that Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee, and is scheduled to be released this Sunday. Apparently, the rest of the country is in the same state. Juror number 12 in the case, a redheaded woman in her 60s, quit her part-time job at a Publix grocery store and has gone into hiding. Apparently, she received several death threats and was freaked out about the possibility of retaliation for the verdict. She told her husband on the way out the door, “I’d rather go to jail than sit on a jury like this again.”

Meanwhile, the police were called to settle a squabble between a group of Florida fisherman over the case.Apparently, a dude by the name of Robert Hakimoglu said to these Florida fisherman that anyone who didn’t agree with the verdict is “not an American.” He also added that he’d like to meet Anthony and have children with her. This didn’t go over so well, and a fight ensued. At some point, Hakimoglu hit one of the women in the group. When the police headed towards the fight, Hakimoglu jumped off a pier and swam away. He was found two hours later asleep at his parent’s house.

Finally, if you see a video preporting to be Anthony’s confession, don’t click on it. It’s a hoax and can compromise your Facebook account.

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