I Hereby Challenge Mila Kunis To A Trekkie Trivia Throwdown

In the last week, I have learned two pieces of valuable information about Mila Kunis. The first is that she is generous with her time and is willing to spend it with the commonfolk. For example, she is attending the Marine Corps. Ball with one of our men in uniform, simply because he asked her via YouTube video.

The second thing I learned about the star of “Black Swan” and “Friends With Benefits” is that she is a huge “Star Trek” fan. She told GQ:

“I’m a massive Trekkie. I got into it later than most people. But let’s not talk about it in the past tense. I’m still a ‘Star Trek’ fan. You never stop being one. Let me give you my rundown of the series in order of most favorite to least favorite.”

She then proceeded to list them thusly: “The Next Generation,” Original Series, “Voyager,” “Deep Space Nine,” and “Enterprise.” She also said that she has a signed photo of Leonard Nimoy and “Star Trek” figurines (given to her by Jason Segal). Mila Kunis, you didn’t know it when you gave this interview, but the gauntlet has been thrown.

I, Amelia McDonell-Parry, would like to challenge you, Mila Kunis, to a “Trekkie Trivia Throwdown.”While I respect Mila for identifying as a Trekkie — though I would have flip-flopped “DSN” and “Voyager” — I am pretty sure that in a “Trekkie Trivia Throwdown,” I could take her. After all, I have been watching the show since I was five years old. I have been to two “Star Trek” conventions. I wrote a fan letter to Denise Crosby (who played Tasha Yar on “TNG” and was mercillously killed by an evil oil slick monster on season one) begging her to return to the series; I am pretty sure I am at least partially responsible for her eventual return as Tasha’s daughter. I also wrote multiple love letters to Wil Wheaton, who played Wesley Crusher on the show. My dad used to put me to bed at night as a child by making up stories in which I was a character named “Yeoman Amelia” on “ST: TOS” (that’s “Star Trek: The Original Series,” fyi).

And my trump card — I wrote a 200-page “Star Trek” book. When I was 12. When you were still in diapers (I think?), Mila Kunis. Years before you became a Trekkie, Mila Kunis. And that’s cool. I am happy to have you in my nerdy little club. But in the spirit of sportsmanship, I would like to challenge you to a “Star Trek” trivia throwdown. Perhaps after you are done dancing with that marine down in North Carolina, you’ll swing by New York? And we’ll go toe to toe? I realize I am not in Afghanistan, sacrificing my safety for the good of America. But this will be fun! I promise to set my (mental) phaser on stun. Loser buys the other a Ten Forward-quality drink. What do you say?