Ask The Man Panel: Bow Overload

These Jeffrey Campbell stacked bow wedge booties might be the most ridiculous shoes I’ve ever seen. Which means I want to own them. NOW. But enough about me — I couldn’t wait to hear what the Man Panel would think of a pair of shoes so unapologetically frilly. Check out their always candid — and often hilarious — opinions, after the jump…Alec, 26: When in distress, this shoe turns around and disguises itself as a stack of unappealing bowties until danger passes. Nature truly is miraculous.

Damien, 34: I think it’s wonderful that ten-year-old girls can be shoe designers.

Henry, 27: It looks like a case to keep another pair of shoes from getting wrecked.

Devin, 21: Not yet prepared for the wild, the infant bows cling to their mother’s back.

Kyle, 22: This might be the only pair of shoes in the world that Celine Dion does not own. And for good reason. They are the most disgusting shoes on the planet.

Nick, 25: Is that an accessories rack in the back? That would be really handy for storing things like spare tennis balls, gum, marbles, and candy.

Corwin, 24: I think someone fed these shoes after midnight.