Shun, Shag, Or Marry: The Men Of “Horrible Bosses”

Over the past few weeks, Jennifer Aniston has (unwittingly, I think) hogged the “Horrible Bosses” publicity spotlight. Almost all of the coverage of the movie has focused on her—how she may or may not have a topless scene in the movie, how she’s breaking out of America’s Sweetheart mode to play a sex-crazed dentist, how she blew a kiss to Justin Theroux while getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Enough with Jennifer. I think it’s high time we took a better look at the three male stars of “Horrible Bosses.” After the jump, who we would shun, shag, and marry.
Shun: Charlie Day
Charlie is one of the masterminds behind the high-larious FX show, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”—he’s not just a star, he’s an executive producer and writer. That is sexy. However, the character he plays … not so much. On the show, Charlie is has constant crazy outbursts. Showering is an issue for him and his apartment is seriously gross. He’s never left Philadelphia and he can barely read and write. Plus, his obsession with “The Waitress” (who happen to be his real life wife, Mary Elizabeth Ellis) is offputting. Sorry, Charlie—it’s hard to wipe the memory of you wriggling on the ground with Danny Devito from our mind. Shun!

Shag: Jason Sudeikis
There was a time, circa “30 Rock” season one, when Jason Sudeikis seemed like the man of our dreams. He was cute—hello, dimples—but more importantly funny. He was an “SNL” writer with such promise that he was upgraded to performer. Oh, and he was so sweet to Liz Lemon for that brief moment. But then something strange happened. Jason divorced his wife, “30 Rock” writer Kay Cannon. And he started dating January Jones. Soon after, he was linked to Aniston. And now, he’s dating Eva Mendes. It just seems like he’s gotten a little big for his aww-shucks britches. But still, to reel in women of this caliber, he must be great in the sack. And thus, we’d give him a chance … in bed.

Marry: Jason Bateman
Jason Bateman is as good as they come. We have loved him since the “Silver Spoons” days, and fell just a little deeper after “Teen Wolf Too.” But Jason truly won our hearts as Michael Bluth, the sound of reason on the brilliantly hilarious “Arrested Development.” And he has his shit together. As a kid, he supported his parents, and he’s about to celebrate his 10 year anniversary with wife Amanda Anka. Plus, he’s adorable. Don’t you just want to rumple that hair. Oh, and look at him with a sand castle on his head! Yes, Jason, we will marry you.

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