Jake Gyllenhaal Risks Life, Eats Worms On “Man Vs. Wild”


On Sunday night, Jake Gyllenhaal will appear on “Man Vs. Wild,” trekking through Iceland alongside Bear Grylls. The Discovery Channel is posting oodles of sneak peeks to whet our appetites for the episode. In this one, Jake looks truly terrified as he examines a rope over a ravine that he must shimmy across. “This is one of those moments where you have to face your fear because that is legitimately scary,” he says.

After the jump, more Jake moments.

Sigh. Here Jake is interviewed before starting the adventure. I love that he offers to take the lead.

And click here to see one of the sweetest moments, Jake and Bear scavenging for food. “I got you a worm,” Bear says. “It’s not much but it will be packed with protein. Here’s breakfast, here’s to you,” they said before cheersing over the wriggly little creature.

Will you be watching?

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