Texas Rangers Fan Falls To His Death Trying To Catch Baseball Thrown By Josh Hamilton

Ugh, this is such an awful story. A 39-year-old father took his son to a Texas Rangers baseball game in Arlington, TX, last night, and when outfielder Josh Hamilton (left) tossed him a foul ball, he fell 20 feet to his death trying to catch it. A man sitting near Shannon Stone tried to grab him by the leg as he fell over the railing, but wasn’t able to keep ahold of him. “He went straight down,” Ronnie Hargis said. “I tried to grab him, but I couldn’t. I tried to slow him down a little bit.” TV replays caught Stone falling headfirst behind the scoreboard, but I won’t be posting that video as it’s too disturbing and, I believe, disrespectful to Stone’s family. He was still conscious when the ambulance arrived, but was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. The Texas Rangers’ president, Nolan Ryan, expressed the team’s deepest condolences, saying, “We had a very tragic accident tonight …. As an organization, and as our team members and our staff, we’re very heavy-hearted about this, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.” Hamilton is said to be particularly distraught. Our thoughts go out to Stone’s family. [Sports Illustrated]