Beware Of Guys With Wide Faces

Ruh roh. Does that cute guy chatting you up at the bar have a wide face? According to scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, you might want to proceed with caution. They studied the facial features of business students and found a correlation between those with wider visages and willingness to do nasty behavior. Specifically, the broad-faced dudes were three times more likely to lie and nine times more likely to cheat (in the competition sense of the word, not necessarily the fidelity one) in order to get ahead.

Oh but that’s not the only thing wide faces are correlated to. In a study in 2009, Brock University also linked wide faces to aggressive behavior. They showed this in the lab, and by anecdotely by showing that wider-faced hockey players spend more time in the penalty box than their thin-faced counterparts. Interesting.

You’ve been warned.

[Science Daily]

Photo: iStockphoto/ThinkStock

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