Today’s Lady News: Kansas Appoints Anti-Abortion Lawyer To State Medical Board

  • Oh, for f**k’s sake: Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has appointed a lawyer for anti-abortion activists to the state’s medical board. Rick Macias has represented Operation Rescue, the biggest wackadoodle anti-abortion protest group in the country, which dogged the late abortion provider Dr. George Tiller until he was eventually murdered at his Wichita church. Macias has also represented Kansans For Life, another anti-abortion group. He’s truly an excellent appointment to the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, which oversees the state’s abortion providers. My, my. What is the matter with Kansas? [Mother Jones]
  • President Obama has nominated an openly gay lesbian to West Point’s Board of Visitors. Brenda “Sue” Fulton is an alum of West Point’s first class to include lady cadets. [SheWired]
  • UN Women has released its first report, entitled “Progress Of The World’s Women.” [Tiger Beatdown]

  • An appeals court has ordered the U.S. government to stop enforcing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gays and lesbians in the military, despite the fact the Pentagon is drafting new rules regarding DADT. [BBC]
  • A Texas judge is considering a challenge to a new law, set to go into effect September 1, which would require a woman seeking an abortion to hear her doctor describe the development of the fetus in detail. Doctors may also offer to let her view the sonogram and a chance to listen to the heartbeat. The sonogram must be performed 24 hours before the abortion is performed, unless the woman lives more than 100 miles away from the abortion provider. Of so-called “informed consent” laws regarding describing a fetus to a woman before an abortion, the Texas law is the strictest in the country. Opponents of the law say it’s too vague regarding what doctors are required to say to women. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Why did the number of American mothers having home births increase dramatically from 2004 to 2008? [The Week]
  • New restrictions on abortion in Arizona won’t go into effect as planned on July 20. Presently, an abortion requiring the manual removal of a fetus (a “surgical abortion”) must be done by a doctor and the RU-486 abortion pill (a “medical abortion”) may be administered by a nurse practitioner. Under a new law, nurse practitioners could no longer administer the pill and certain equipment and personnel must be available when the first pill is given. Planned Parenthood of AZ is challenging the restrictions as unconstitutional because three large cities in AZ only have nurse practitioners performing medical abortions. Instead, women would have the burden of traveling to either Tucson or Phoenix for their care. [East Valley Tribune]
  • Gay rights advocate Jean Harris, who fought to expand domestic partnership rights in California, died this week at 66. [Queerty]


  • A British man has been charged with sex trafficking of two Nigerian girls, ages 14 and 16. The girls were allegedly sold into prostitution by a priest in Nigeria. [BBC]

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