Lies We Wish We Never Told — Share Yours!

Some lies go off without a hitch, like the time I swore to my parents that the strange smell coming from my room was definitely incense. Sorry mom and dad! And then there are the other kinds of lies, the ones that go so terribly, terribly wrong they make you wish you could dig yourself a hole and hide there forever and ever. In honor of To Tell the Truth Day, Frisky staffers (including myself) fess up about their most regrettable whoppers. Share yours in the comments if you’re ready to finally come clean.

“This giant fib still makes me cringe with embarrassment when I think about it. All of the biggest lies I’ve told, I’ve told because I felt inadequate in some way. This was no exception. Back when I was an actress, I was about to meet with J. J. Abrams and Brian Grazer, the producers of ‘Felicity,’ for a guest starring role on the show. OK, so to put in context, this was a REALLY BIG opportunity for an unknown, 22-year-old actress. I wanted this part, no, needed it so badly. It would have been a game changer for my career, not to mention a way to pay my rent. The casting director really liked me and decided to take me into the producers. That meant there were only a few people still in the running for the role. Before reading for the producers, the casting director was chatting with me and asking me about my acting history. I still don’t know what came over me, but a flip switched in my head and I lied and told her I had appeared on this TV show, ‘Sons and Daughters’ in the ’80s. Truth: I screen tested for the show, but never booked the part. The casting director was miffed. ‘Why isn’t that on your resume?’ she asked incredulously. I played it off. ‘Oh, it was so long ago,’ I knew she knew I was lying. Needless to say, I didn’t book the part.” – Ami

“I actually haven’t lied about anything.” – Jessica

“Find below a brief timeline of my biggest lies:

In elementary school, I was a clogger and over dinner one night, I told my parents that I’d been chosen for a super special performance. This resulted in me lying further and saying we had practices after school several days a week, when really, we didn’t. I’d just sit on the school steps and read a book and wait for my parents to pick me up.

In middle school, me and my sister went to a new school for six months when my mom briefly changed jobs. I told everyone there that (a) we were in the witness protection program and (b) that I was a hair model and they had seen my work in a recent Prell ad. Why I said this, I couldn’t tell you. I was trying to compensate for being the new girl, I guess?

In high school, I met a super cute guy seeing a band. For some reason, I told him I was moving to London in two weeks. When that time came and went and we were still dating, I backtracked and said I’d decided not to move after all. Which—hello—freaked him out and he dumped me.” – Kate

“‪When I was eight, my mom was the troop leader of my Brownie troop. For some reason, that meant that we had dozens of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in our house. My mom stored them in the laundry room, which was right next to my bedroom in our split level house.‬ I discovered were she was keeping them one day and began systematically eating my way through them. I must have gone through, I don’t know, ten boxes of Thin Mints and Samoas. ‪When my mom approached me about it, I pretended like I had NO IDEA what happened to the cookies, but it was pretty clear I was the culprit.‬  ‪I was never punished for eating them, but it’s been a family joke ever since. I will never live it down.” – Julie

“I’ll be honest: I tell white lies pretty frequently. ‘I have to skip this meeting because another more important meeting came up.’ ‘Oooh, sorry, I can’t come to your party in Bushwick because I have diarrhea.’ ‘It’s very possible Jim Morrison is my dad.’ I don’t regret any of them because they didn’t hurt anyone. But they’re small (and/or ridiculous) lies — I can’t think of a major lie I’ve ever told, the kind of lie that should be regretted.” – Amelia

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