The Good, The Bad & The WTF: “Teen Mom” Is Back And Ready To Attack

MTV sure lucked out with its first batch of teen moms. Maci, Farrah, Amber, and Catelynn are all such compelling characters that watching the utter mundanities of their life is interesting. So I was happy to have the foursome back for last night’s season three premiere of “Teen Mom.” If you haven’t watched yet, SPOILER ALERT. If you have, click on for the good, the bad, and the most WTF moments of the episode. Let’s make this like a water cooler and discuss in the comments section.The Good:

  • Amber and Gary’s breakthroughs in therapy. I was so pleasantly surprised that, before making the decision to get back together, Gary and Amber went to a session with a couple’s counselor. Color me even more impressed that they opened up and made some real strides. Amber even was able to express that so much of her rage comes from the fact that Gary cheated on her, and that she blames herself for it. That’s big.
  • Catelynn getting her own place. Hallelujah. That girl needs to get out of the house from her Looney Tunes mama.
  • That Ryan isn’t a delinquent dad. Last night, when Maci didn’t get a child support payment, she looked into her legal options. Meanwhile, Ryan said the payment had been taken out of his check. Turns out, he was telling the truth and a bank error was responsible for the mix-up. Points for Ryan for the first time ever.
  • Baby Leah. My goodness, that little girl is exceptionally cute.

The Bad:

  • Farrah getting a boob job. No, Farrah, no! Don’t use your hard-earned money that you’ll need for actual necessities to go from an A- to a B-cup. It’s just not worth it. And wait, did she really think it was going to be easy to get a loan for a breast augmentation?
  • Ryan asking if Kyle is slow. Gross move, Ryan. And really, you couldn’t just ask out loud? You had to text it to Maci sitting not four feet from you? And take off your cap once in a while, you hear.
  • Amber’s fly-by-night breakup with her boyfriend. I’m not sure what to make of Amber’s boyfriend of two months, Chris. She says he treats her like an “angel” and he showers her in “I love you”s but something just seemed a touch insincere about him. Still, I’m not so sure Amber should have been so quick to cut things off and get back together with Gary, someone she’s had an exceptionally rocky past with.

The WTF:

  • The fact that Tyler and Catelynn are step-siblings. In the intro to Catelynn last night, she revealed that her boyfriend Tyler’s dad is married to her mom, making them technically step-siblings, though not related by blood. How did this fact escape me for seasons?
  • Where’s the money? Last night, all four teen moms expressed extreme financial concerns. This is confusing because reportedly, they are making between (by conservative estimates) $60K and (by liberal estimates) $280K a year. Yet, their lifestyles don’t seem to reflect that at all. Are these numbers greatly exaggerated? Is the struggle acting at this point? Or does the money go into some kind of trust they can’t touch yet? I’m confused.
  • Farrah’s focus on her modeling career. Stick with culinary school, woman! That is going to get you so much farther. Trust.
  • Beating us over the head with the message. My eyebrows raised when Maci lamented, “Why is my life so hard?” and her friend shot back, “Because you had unprotected sex. That’s why.” So simplistic. Or life is hard because … it’s hard.

What did you think of last night’s episode? And the scenes from the upcoming season?

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