Newsflash: Reese Witherspoon Apparently Has A Large Stomach Tattoo

It’s kind of hard to shock me. I mean, the video of the woman bathing on the subway got barely an eyebrow raise. But finding out that Reese Witherspoon has a tattoo — on her stomach! — made me gasp. Photographers captured a few different glimpses of the ink over the holiday weekend, as Reese and her family spent some time at the beach. I could maybe see Little Miss Goodie-Two-Shoes (and I say that affectionately) having a second shot of tequila and indulging her inner “bad girl” by getting a butterfly on her ankle or something, but a stomach tattoo? No offense to those of you who have ink in that area, but it is a rather daring spot, considering how susceptible to, uh, stretching it is. I mean, Reese has hinted she wants more kids — what will her tattoo look like at seven months pregnant? Check out a photo of the tattoo, as well as my theories about what it is exactly, after the jump…

Speaking of the tattoo itself, no one knows what it is, so I’m going to hypothesize. Old English script spelling out “Type-A”? Ryan Phillippe’s face? A tribal sun? Lyrics from Johnny Cash’s “Walk The Line”? The outline of her homestate of Tennessee? Her given name “Laura Jeanne”? Chinese characters that say something totally non-sensical like “my heart is a hungry hippo”?

What do you think of Reese’s tattoo? Are you as surprised as I am?


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