Justin Bieber Doesn’t Move Magazines

The editors over at Vanity Fair are scratching their heads now that the sales numbers for their February 2011 issue are in. With Justin Bieber on the cover, they expected it to be a blockbuster issue. But it turned out to be the weakest selling issue of the past 12 years. I repeat, 12 years not months. In fact, an Angelina Jolie issue in 2010 sold almost exactly twice as many copies as Justin’s issue. Apparently, his Teen Vogue and People covers sold pretty poorly, too. [NY Daily News]

So the question has become: is Justin’s star starting to dim? Not so fast.

I’d like to suggest a few theories here. (1) February issues are notoriously poor selling, something I remember from my magazine days. (2) Justin is styled a little grown-up here—I mean, he’s wearing a tie—and he’s covered in lipstick marks. Maybe his fans don’t want to see him as Don Draper? Or (3) tweenagers just aren’t into buying magazines of their favorite stars because they have the internet, Twitter feeds, and a 3D movie to keep them satisfied?

Any of those could be true, but now Justin has joined the ranks of stars who don’t move magazines, right next to Gwyneth Paltrow and Gisele Bundchen.

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