Today’s Lady News: Oregon Jail Says “No Bail, No Abortion”

  • A jail in Oregon won’t let a 23-year-old pregnant woman have an abortion unless she posts 1/10th of her $65,000 bail. You see, her abortion is not an “emergency.” Um, hello? This woman is being treated for mental health issues! She doused herself with paint thinner! And lighter fluid! She sure sounds like an excellent candidate for unwanted motherhood to me. Sigh. [Yamhill Valley News Register via Reproductive Rights Reality Check]
  • The hotel maid who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former chief of the IMF, of sexual assault announced she will sue The New York Post and five of its reporters for libel after it published a story on Saturday claiming she was a prostitute. [Reuters]
  • Meanwhile, writer Tristane Banon has filed a complaint accusing Strauss-Kahn of attempted rape in 2003. [Los Angeles Times]

  • Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg — who we’ve loved since we watched her Barnard commencement address! — gets a huuuge profile in this week’s New Yorker magazine. [The New Yorker]
  • An elementary and middle school school in Los Angeles is renaming itself after the author Sandra Cisneros, who wrote The House On Mango Street and a bunch of other great books. [ColorLines]
  • The Dallas Morning News will now publish same-sex marriages on their weddings page. Mazel tov! I mean, yee haw! []
  • Gay couples in New York can start applying for marriage licenses today. [Think Progress]
  • Apparently, being named “Edgar” means you are more likely to take pervy upskirt photos of strange women. [Gothamist]
  • Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, who was once the youngest woman to be elected to Congress, wants to run for Rep. Anthony Weiner’s seat. [New York Times]
  • “Bridesmaids” is the top-grossing R-rated female comedy ever, surpassing “Sex and the City.” [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Shaunie O’Neal of “Basketball Wives” defends her own show, but says reality TV as a whole has a problem with women — especially black women. [The Root]
  • Betty Roberts, a former Oregon Supreme Court Justice, died last week at age 88. When she was elected an Oregon state senator in 1968, she was the sole woman in the Senate at the time. As a legislator, Roberts fought for abortion rights, the right for a woman to keep her own name when she married, and the right to make financial decisions (like getting a credit card) without a man’s permission. In 1969, Oregon became one of the first states to decriminalize abortion in advance of the landmark Roe vs. Wade decision, which affected abortion rights nationwide. [Oregon Live]


  • Christine Lagarde, France’s ex-finance minister, has taken over as the chief of the IMF after the resignation of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Lagarde is the first-ever woman to head the IMF. [BBC]
  • A Muslim scholar speaking in Toronto said gay men should be killed and lesbians should be given lashes for their homosexual behavior. [Think Progress]

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