Debbie Gibson And Tiffany Are Looking For An Opening Act!


Dust off your bowler hat because Debbie Gibson—I mean Deborah—is going on tour with fellow ’80s icon, Tiffany. Deborah just posted this video calling fans to audition for a spot on the Journey Through the ’80s tour bus. To enter her Guitar Search, you have to upload video of you singing and playing one of her songs and tweet the link by July 9. Wait. Am I having deja vu? This is exactly like a reoccurring fantasy I had when I was eight. Only Facebook and Twitter and YouTube didn’t exist, so my discovery was destined to occur at the Scottsdale Mall while performing a set consisting of Debbie’s “Only In My Dreams” and Tiffany’s “Could’ve Been” accompanied by my karaoke machine. I imagined a talent scout would approach me after the set, compliment me on my big bangs, my Units ensemble, and my dizzy earrings, and ask me what I had going on for the next six months. “I am available for a fee,” I would tell him. Then he would present me with a contract offering me $1,000 to open for both of them on tour. Now that this possibility is coming to fruition more than 20 years later, it doesn’t have the same cache I imagined it would. Nonetheless, I’m getting to work right away on my version of “Electric Youth.” See people, dreams really can come true. [Perez Hilton]

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