A Few Of My Favorite Things: Rhiannon Of Liebemarlene Blog

Georgia-based Rhiannon runs the vintage-inspired blog Liebemarlene, where she waxes philosophic on her travels around the South, sells beautiful vintage wares, and takes stunning photos. “My blog is a vintage-based blog, but I really write about anything that inspires me, from new collections to editorials I like,” says Rhiannon. ” I probably like history as much as I like fashion, so I take a lot of day-trips to pretty or historic places in the south and then post about it on my blog.” Sounds pretty good to us. Check out Rhiannon’s favorite things after the jump!

Rhiannon’s Favorite Things

“RuPaul’s Drag Race.” It is the best/funniest/most inspirational show on television right now! I want RuPaul to be my drag mother.
Running. Now that the weather’s good here in Atlanta, I love it again. I like to run to the Rolling Stones and Iggy Pop and wear black shoes.
Francis Newman. She was a writer from Atlanta in the ’20s, and there’s so little information available on her that I want to find everything I can.
Sewing. Or the idea of sewing — I bought this Japanese book of dress patterns for the simplest dresses in the world, and they still intimidate me. But they’re so pretty!
Southern Hemisphere Fashion. I’ve been obsessed with New Zealand and Australian fashion for the last year, and the obsession only grows in the spring time. Right now, I’d love to get my hands on a little white dress from the label Twenty-Seven Names.