10 Celebs Talk About Their Favorite Books

celeb favorite books daniel radcliffe jpg
Daniel Radcliffe recently shared the five books that influenced him the most. On his list was The Old Man in the Sea because it made him realize that classics didn’t have to be such hard work, Germinal because it completely absorbed him, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas because it was the funniest thing he ever read,The Master and Margarita because of its imagination, and … wait for it … Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone because it gave him everything he has today. He had to say that, right? J.K. Rowling would have been pissed if he didn’t. Either way, we applaud him for being an avid reader. [ONTD]

In honor of The Frisky’s Crack a Book Week, we bring you some more celebs’ favorite reads after the jump.

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