Unlikely Style Inspiration: The Ghost Sisters From “The Shining”

A couple weeks ago, my brother and his girlfriend convinced me to watch “The Shining” with them. I was hesitant because I hate scary movies (I still have nightmares about the 15 minutes of “Scream” I watched accidentally in 1996), but they insisted it was a classic and I needed to see it in order to be a productive member of society. Unsurprisingly, the movie totally freaked me out. Surprisingly, when I wasn’t hiding my face in a couch pillow, I was being super inspired by the fashion, from Shelley Duvall’s chunky sweaters to Jack Nicholson’s slim-cut suits…But then, when those two little creepy ghost girls appeared on screen, I shrieked in terror, sure, but immediately afterward I said, “Daaammmn, those are some cute dresses!” If you happen to agree, here are a few similar frilly feminine frocks. Wear with ballet flats or lace-up sandals, add a colorful cropped cardigan, and for the love of god don’t go near any mountain lodges.

  1. Pleated Organza Dress, $165, Net-A-Porter
  2. Urban Renewal Shangri-La Dress, $59, Urban Outfitters
  3. Ruffled Chiffon Dress, $65, Nordstrom
  4. Mixed Fabric Ruffle Dress, $47, ASOS
  5. Scallop Detail Dress, $60, ASOS