Today’s Lady News: Italian Company Fires All Women “So They Can Stay Home” With Kids

  • When an Italian company Ma-Vib faced budget problems, it fired all 13 of its female employees and justified it claiming the women could stay home with their kids now: “We are firing the women so they can stay at home and look after the children. In any case, what they bring in is a second income.” I can’t even deal with the sexist … and the stupid … and the brain freeze … [Jezebel]
  • Slightly less worse than yesterday but still terrible: Kansas is denying a license to all but one of its abortion clinics temporarily today. The Planned Parenthood clinic in Overland Park, Kansas, is the only abortion provider to remain open. [Mother Jones]
  • Eleven highly dubious diets that people actually tried. [The Hairpin]

  • Yesterday, a federal court blocked the implementation of a South Dakota law which would have required women seeking abortions to wait 72 hours after meeting with her doctor to terminate the pregnancy. This mandatory waiting period would have been the longest in the country. [Reproductive Rights Reality Check]
  • Texas Tech is building five “nursing rooms” on its campus to make itself more friendly to mothers. [My Fox Lubbock via Hay Ladies!]
  • Houston’s mayor Annise Parker, a lesbian, is being attacked by her challenger on the basis of her sexuality. Businessman Dave Wilson sent out a bigoted fundraising letter, which reads:

    “I have family members and friends who have been ensnared and trapped in homosexual behavior, and I now firstahand of the incredible pain and sorrow it has brought to them and their families. Religious freedom will be stifled and millions more will be trapped as the demand for legal and political approval for homosexual behavior increases.

I obtained your name and address from Ms. Parker’s campaign finance report. I realize that some of you support Ms. Parker’s alternatie lifestle and agree with her promoting the homosexual agenda. But to those of you who do not, and donated to her campaign out of financial obligation to your company, I would ask you to search your soul and re-think your support.”

OH HELL NO YOU DID NOT. [Think Progress]

  • Meet psychologist Diane Ehrensaft, the “patron saint” of “gender creative” children — i.e. kids who don’t conform to their gender at birth. She is the author of the book Gender Born, Gender Made. [Queerty]
  • Planned Parenthood is offering free HIV testing at the Essence Music Festival 2011 in New Orleans today through Sunday! [Essence]
  • The blog Racialicious is kicking off an Octavia Butler Book Club to read the works of the black science fiction writer who dealt heavily in themes of gender and race. [Racialicious]



  • The Hong Kong government sponsored a so-called “gay conversion” therapy workshop to “cure” homosexuality through prayer and cold showers. [Queerty]
  • The Indian state of Rajasthan is offering free cars, motorcycles, blenders and other “prizes” to couples who undergo sterilization so as to curb population growth. [BBC]
  • On the terrifying South African practice of “corrective rape” of lesbians. [BBC]

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