Anti-Abortion Billboards Targeted At Blacks Appear In Oakland

Race-related anti-abortion billboards strike again! At least 25 billboards reading “Black is beautiful” with a picture of a black baby and the URL for an anti-abortion web sitehave been posted this month in Oakland, California. The billboards are paid for by the Radiance Foundation, an anti-abortion group which is also responsible for slavery-related billboards in Atlanta which read “The 13th amendment freed us, abortion enslaves us,” and billboards in Houston which read “Black & Unwanted.” The goal of the Radiance Foundation, as you may have guessed by now, is to suggest that legal abortion is a plot to exterminate black people. This is hogwash for a variety of reasons I’ve explained in detail in past posts like this one. The Oakland billboards were paid for by the Radiance Foundation, but posted by a local anti-abortion group, Issues 4 Life Foundation. Issues 4 Life, according to the San Jose Mercury News, is run by Walter Hoye III, who is African-American and a minister. Hoye went to jail in 2009 for “refusing to abide by a city law that forbids anti-abortion protesters from approaching women entering clinics,” the Mercury-News reports. He also refused to answer questions from the newspaper about how much the billboard campaign cost

I suppose I should stop being surprised/annoyed/angered by anti-abortion billboards that exploit racial sensitivities and a woman’s right to choose as a convenient political cover-up for eugenics. There’s only so much stupid a girl can handle, though.

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