Today’s Lady News: Kansas Denies Planned Parenthood License To Perform Abortions

  • The state of Kansas has denied Planned Parenthood a license to perform abortions, which means it is temporarily the only state in the nation where Planned Parenthood clinics have this restriction. This is terrifying, people. [NPR]
  • Rhode Island’s state Senate has advanced a bill to legalize civil unions. It now heads to the governor’s desk, where Gov. Lincoln Chaffee, an independent, has said he will sign it. [Think Progress]
  • Hotel maids are taking self-defense classes, following the recent alleged sexual assault of a New York City hotel maid by the former IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. [New York Post]
  • Seven underrated female comedy writers to watch. [The Mary Sue]

  • The Health and Human Services Department announced yesterday it would begin collecting gender identity and sexual orientation data. [Feministing]
  • Rep. Michele Bachmann, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president, has said that a miscarriage she once suffered is part of the reason she is anti-abortion. That is actually a fairly common point-of-view, I have found anecdotally, among people who believe abortion is wrong. [XX Facotor]
  • A newspaper profiles a 19-year-old female prostitute. [Shreveport Times via Hay Ladies!]
  • The Louisiana governor’s office has signed a law which would across-the-board downgrade the crime of prostitution to a misdemeanor and no longer requires sex workers to register as sex offenders. Previously, cops could charge sex workers with prostitution as a misdemeanor or with “crimes against nature,” which is a felony. Those crimes against nature included the radical, disturbing practices of anal and oral sex. My word! You mean people actually do that? [Feministing]
  • This lesbians-only cruise is just about the cutest thing ever. [San Francisco Gate]
  • If women ruled “World Of Warcraft.” [The Mary Sue]


  • One blogger at XX Factor is disgusted by a piece on GOOD magazine’s web site by the female journalist Mac McClelland, who acted out a rape fantasy to help herself get over PTSD from witnessing violent sexual trauma while reporting in Haiti. “I’m annoyed that people are often more interested in a story about poor black people/poor black country/genocide in the Sudan/etc. when the central character in that story is a white person,” writes Marjorie Valbrun, who was born in Haiti and has reported from there extensively. Food for thought.
    [XX Factor]
  • Mexican drug cartels are luring in more women to work for them. [ABC News via Hay Ladies!]