To Catch A Cheater: National Enquirer Says It Has Video Proof Of Chris Hansen’s Philandering

Chris Hansen knows all about catching people red-handed on camera. Since 2004, as the host of “To Catch a Predator,” he’s worked with law enforcement as they pose as underage girls online and ask pedophiles to meet them at home. When the front door opens—bam!—there’s Hansen and a camera crew. The dudes do some seriously awkward verbal backpedaling before they are cuffed. Well, apparently, this time Hansen is the one caught on camera. The National Enquirer claims to have footage that shows he’s cheating on his wife. The paper claims that Hansen—who lives with his wife and two sons in Connecticut—has been cheating for the past four months with a blonde television reporter named Kristyn Caddell, 30. The affair has been going on while Hansen has been on assignment in Florida, where Caddell resides. Supposedly, the Enquirer has footage of Hansen heading to dinner with Caddell and then spending the night at her apartment.

Neither Hansen nor Caddell have made statements about the claim as of yet. And we do have to consider the source here. But that said, while the Enquirer is famous for Bat Boy stories, they also are the ones who first rang the bell on John Edwards’ affair.

What do you think—do you trust the Enquirer?

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