True, Gross Story: My Bikini Waxer Was A Double-Dipper

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of body hair. It’s also no secret that times are hard. So lately, I’ve been on quest to find a more affordable bikini waxer because it costs about $72 for a Brazilian wax and 20 percent tip at the spa I’ve been patronizing for the last three years. I considered going back to the Aveda Institute, the place where I had my first wax, but the students there don’t do Brazilians, and a well-groomed Afro down there doesn’t appeal to me. Then, LivingSocial had a $20-Brazilian wax deal and I was delighted to purchase it. Too bad it didn’t occur to me that Brazilians are best performed at establishments, by whom you know because the waxer was a double-dipper!

If you’re a fan of “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover,” a fan of waxing, or have basic logic in regards to hygiene, then you know that waxers should use a new wooden tong each time they scoop out hot wax. The waxer I went to on Tuesday did not.But let me start from the beginning … I had to wait about a week to get an appointment, which means many people frequent this lady. She stayed in the tiny waxing room after escorting me, so I had to change out of my clothes while she prepped the area. At my normal spa, the waxer leaves the room to give me a bit of privacy. I usually take this time to do a quick swipe with a feminine cleansing cloth, but I wasn’t even given the opportunity. As I laid down, I noticed that the waxer had placed only one tong next to the hot wax, and she didn’t place a piece of paper on the floor to catch the used-once tongs, like my regular waxer. She also didn’t wear gloves, so at one point I had the urge to scream: “Put on some damn gloves and get between those lips!” Despite seeming a little timid about touching me, the waxer was quite thorough in her hair removal technique, and it was one of the most pain-free waxes I’ve ever had.

The whole time, though, I kept thinking about all the body juices and bacteria that could be floating around in the wax vessel. I sent the universe a message, asking that the heat kill anything in the wax that could harm me, Then, I thought about the patrons who have their eyebrows or lips waxed there. That’s coochie cooties on their faces!

You’re probably asking yourself why I went through with it if I noticed she was a double-dipper, and there are three reasons. One, I didn’t know how difficult or easy it would be to get refunded by LivingSocial. Two, I knew I could share this story with you guys, and we all could learn from my experience. And three, sometimes I have difficulty speaking up for myself in beauty or salon settings. I tend to assume the technician knows best, and often don’t want to cause a scene.

So the lesson, I think, we all can take away from my double-dipping experience: Don’t be experimental when you’re getting a Brazilian wax. Either stick with the clean spot that makes you comfortable, regardless of price, or ask around for referrals, which will help you avoid any surprises.