Lindsay Lohan’s House Arrest Is Over: How Should She Celebrate?

Lindsay Lohan has paid her debt to society. Yesterday marked the end of the 35 day in-home detention sentence she received after the infamous stolen necklace case in February. Off came the ankle monitor! She’s officially a free woman. Woo-hoo! We see a party on the horizon. But now that Lindsay claims she is clean and sober, she may have to think of new ways to celebrate her newfound freedom. Always thinking of others, we at The Frisky have some suggestions.

Here are some ways Lindsay can reenter society with a bang, without violating her probation–again.

  1. Spray tan herself silly. Not to assume that she doesn’t have a portable booth in her house, but now she can hit every electric beach in Venice. Invite Snooki! Please videotape.
  2. Go for a long drive down the PCH. Wait, does she have her license anymore? We remember something about a hijacked car, or a joyride something-or-other. Maybe play it safe. Call Samantha Ronson and ask her to drive.
  3. Drop a mortgage on some new jewelry. Go to the necklace heist shop’s biggest competitor and make it rain.
  4. Tear up Rodeo Drive. Shop like a fashion obsessed starlet who’s … been on house arrest for a month. With all the cash Lindsay racked up doing commercials while on lock down, she surely has a couple (hundred thousand) dollars to blow.
  5. Find an AA meeting. Stat. If Lindsay is really serious about keeping clean and sober, she’s gotta work the plan. The plan works.
  6. Record another “hit” single. We’ve been longing for a follow-up to “Rumors.” How about, “Oops, I Violated Probation Again.”
  7. Launch an a clothing line for something other than legs. LiLo loves fashion so much so that we think she should branch out from leggings.
  8. Find a new boo. Charlie Sheen is newly single and there’s plenty of room at his Sober Valley Lodge.
  9. Oh why not? Throw a rager a la 2007. She’s allowed to do whatever she wants now, right? Plus, no need for booze when you’ve got Komboucha on deck.

So, what do you think? How should Lindsay celebrate post-probation?

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