40 Books You Shouldn’t Bother Reading

40 Books You Shouldn't Bother Reading
This week, we’ve been recommending a lot of books. There are the books that have changed our lives; the books Frisky readers love; books that match your TV-watching tastes; even a “What Should I Read?” flowchart for the lazy and a handy guide to seducing your favorite literary characters. But there are plenty of books we wouldn’t recommend — because they’re boring, overrated, stupid, badly written, or better on film. The Frisky staff, either as a whole or as individuals — myself, Ami, Kate, Julie, Jessica, and, for the dude vote, DeVore — would not advise you to read the following 40 books. Please feel free to add to the “Do Not Read” list — or disagree vehemently with our choices — in the comments.
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