Michele Bachmann: What Sexist BS Can She Expect While Running For President?

Rep. Michele Bachmann formally announced on Monday she is seeking the Republican nomination for President. The feminist within me says, “Yay, someone with a vagina running for president!” Followed by a vehement, “OH HELL NO.” Just because a woman is running for president does not mean all women should support her. Just like Sarah Palin did, Bachmann painfully illustrates this point: She is bigoted against gays and lesbians, opposes legal abortion, and spoke out against a change in the IRS code to make breast pumps for nursing mothers tax deductible. Those are just a few of the policy reasons why Bachmann would make a terrible president. (Read some of these WTF Michele Bachmann quotes that Buzzfeed collected, if you dare.)

However, the mainstream media has never been known to stick to the issues and all too often drags a candidate’s gender, race, or sexual orientation under the microscope. As we saw when Hillary Clinton ran for the Democratic nomination, and both Palin and Geraldine Ferraro ran for vice president, sexism is as American as apple pie. As much as I hate her policy positions, I also worry about what sexist BS Bachmann (and the rest of America) can expect to see.

Readers, do you share my concerns?

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