Are Hard Nipples An Under-Used Accessory?


During last night’s episode of “Single Ladies,” I was transfixed by Stacey Dash’s hard nipples on more than one occasion. Her nipples were sticking out of her thin dresses, and it was possible to distinguish between the actual nipple and the aureole. (I told you I was focused.) I don’t think this was an accident. I haven’t noticed Dash’s nipples during any of the previous episodes, so I think the producers and wardrobe remembered the fervor “Sex and the City” created over those faux nipples back in the day, and decided to employ the same trick. Of course, the sex appeal of hard nipples isn’t something new or some big secret. But I do think it’s an under-used accessory. For example, I’ve always admired Dash’s body and hope that I look that good at 40-plus years, but until last night, I could never say I was “attracted” to her. So, I figure women who are on the hunt — like me — can attract their (wo)man prey simply with hard nipples. It worked to attract me, and now I want to see if it’ll work for me. I’m ditching my padded bra, wearing a thin dress, and going somewhere cold just to see if my hard nipples will attract a mate. I’ll report back if I’m not too overcome with embarrassment. Wish me luck.