Monkey Behavior Advertising, Just Like Human Beer Advertising, Appeals To A Male’s Penis

Anyone can make a beer ad: boobs, butts, more boobs, and an ice cold brewski. Don Draper, we have a winner! It turns out that monkey advertising is very similar to that of their two-legged ancestors: sex sells. According to New Scientist, researchers will soon study the effect of ads on monkey behavior modification. Laurie Santos, the Yale University primatologist, and Keith Olwell and Elizabeth Kiehner, two New York ad execs, plan to advertise a tasty treat to brown capuchin monkeys who live in captivity. (They will probably use JELLO.) One treat will be advertised on “billboards” inside the monkeys’ enclosure and the other won’t be; when the capuchins are presented with the desserts, the researchers want to see if the advertising had any effect. But just how does one market JELLO to monkeys? With “a graphic shot of a female monkey with her genitals exposed” alongside the treat logo, of course. Another “billboard” will show the alpha male of the monkey tribe along with the logo. Past studies on capuchins have proven the little critters really like to look at pictures of alpha males and female monkey genitals.

Hmm. All of a sudden the UFC ring girl lolling about in a pool of limes wearing only her panties does not look so bad. (P.S. I know the monkey pictured is not a capuchin — it’s baby orangutang — but he was so damn adorable I couldn’t resist.) [New Scientist]

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