The Bristol Palin/Meghan McCain Catfight Goes Another Round

Bristol Palin isn’t done making catty observations about Meghan McCain. First, in her memoir, Not Afraid Of Life, she wrote Meghan was always complaining. Some of that is only fair, I suppose, after Meghan’s swipes at Sarah Palin in her own book. However, last night Bristol stopped by Fox News to bare her claws once again — this time to make Meghan look like a rich bitch elitist and a dilettante opportunist. “I just want to note that her dad is a politician and my mom is a politician, but that never defined me,” she tells Sean Hannity. “I do stuff for myself.” BRISTOL. PLEASE. Does she seriously think she’d be raking in the big bucks as an abstinence-only speaker, foxtrotting on “Dancing With The Stars,” or publishing a friggin’ memoir at age 20 if her mother was not Sarah Palin? Sean Hannity then said he “knows” the two didn’t get along because of “the clothes and the hair” and asks Bristol to explain what was going on, although she doesn’t respond to that. (Maybe it wasn’t the talking point she was supposed to follow?) Instead, Bristol said she has “had a job since I was really little and I don’t know if [Meghan] has done stuff like that. I don’t know if she goes out hunting and fishing and stuff like that.”

Oooh, burn.

Look. I am not a Meghan McCain fan. I think her columns on The Daily Beast are sometimes intelligent, but just as often pretty obnoxious.

At the end of the day, however, I never get the sense Meghan is trying to pretend she’s something she’s not. She doesn’t hide the fact her dad is a senator and her mom is a beer heiress and she grew up enormously privileged. She doesn’t rub her wealth in anyone’s face like Paris Hilton. But she doesn’t act like she’s a regular ol’ American like Bristol Palin, either.

I don’t want to hear Bristol — someone who bought her own house in Arizona, paid for her own plastic surgery, and is now moving to Hollywood to film a reality show with one of her “Dancing With The Stars” pals — carry on about how she’s so down-to-earth and populist. She’s not and she hasn’t been for about three years now. Bristol came from more humble beginnings at one point, but she’s a member of the elite now — perhaps not in the same strata as the McCains, but wealthy and privileged nevertheless. Tarring and feathering someone else for being an elitist is just hypocritical.

Not that I would expect anything less than a softball interview from Sean Hannity on FOX News … but come on. [Gawker]

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