Bill Clinton’s My Little Pony Knowledge Is Put To The Test

When I was a kid, I begged my parents for months to get me a “Mothers The Pony.” They’d go to toy store after toy store, and no one would have any idea what they were talking about because I’d gotten the name wrong—I, of course, meant that I wanted a My Little Pony. Apparently, Bill Clinton knows more about the pastel ponies than I did. Over the weekend, Peter Sagal interviewed Bill on NPR. After asking some fun questions like, “What is more fun—being president or former president?” and “Did Hilary have to give you any lessons in standing to the side and gazing adoringly?,” Peter got to the segment of his show called “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me,” where he asks people questions about a topic they really shouldn’t know all that much about. The category he decided to give Bill: My Little Pony. “Is this the part where you make me look like a fool?” Bill asked, before Peter started the quiz. But shockingly, Bill got most of the questions right! Who knew he was familiar with “cutie marks” Nightmare Moon. In his defense, the multiple choice questions did make it pretty easy, though I like to think that maybe Chelsea taught him a thing or two during the ’80s.

Below, take a listen to the interview—the quiz begins at minute seven.


Were you a My Little Pony fan? How would you have scored on this little quiz?


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